Preventative Dentistry Can Save More Than Just Your Teeth

Improve Your Dental Health With These Easy Food Swaps

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Of course you know that sugary candy and soda are bad for your teeth, but do you really have to give up your favorite foods to prevent cavities? Not necessarily. An easier way to protect your dental health is to swap foods that are bad for your teeth and gums with those that aren’t as harmful. Here’s a look at five easy food swaps that will help keep your mouth healthier. Eat hard candy instead of sticky candy. Sticky candy actually sticks to your teeth, coating them in the sugars that oral bacteria love. Hard candy is not great...

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Toothache Source: How A Chocolate Treat May Help

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A toothache is like an alarm, and it is your responsibility to find out what set the alarm off. But this alarm can be very distracting and painful. But don’t worry because you can diminish the pain with a little chocolate. The right kind of chocolate should give you some relief until you can get to a dentist, such as Dr. Sajner & Associates.  What Could Be The Source of Your Pain The following are just some possible reasons why you may be experiencing pain: Tooth decay or cavities could be the source of your pain. Tooth decay...

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