Preventative Dentistry Can Save More Than Just Your Teeth

Keeping Your Teeth White And Looking Good

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You want to do what you can to keep your smile looking as white as possible. There are many ways you can go about preventing your teeth from becoming stained and discolored. Learn about some of the most important things you can do to keep your teeth whiter by reading this advice: Read the side effects of any medications you take Any time you get prescribed a new medication, it is always important for you to be aware of any of the side effects that medication may cause. Along with physical and emotional side effects, some medications can also...

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Dental Care Tips For Parents Of Special Needs Children

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Caring for a child with special needs can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to dental care. For some parents, instilling the importance of good oral health in the mind of a special needs child can seem impossible. However, you should know that by choosing a dentist that specializes in treating special needs children, your child can experience healthy teeth and gums. About Your Child’s Dental Appointments If your special needs child has trouble caring for his or her teeth, you will need to visit the dentist more often....

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4 Things You Need To Know About Snuff Dipper’s Lesion

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Snuff dipper’s lesion, also called snuff dipper’s pouch, is an oral condition characterized by the development of oral lesions in the areas of your mouth where you hold your tobacco. Here are four things you need to know about snuff dipper’s lesion. How does tobacco cause it? Smokeless tobacco contains numerous carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) that can cause changes to your oral tissues. When smokeless tobacco is in frequent contact with your oral tissues, it can effect on a cellular level. Smokeless tobacco has been...

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Common Denture Problems And Tips To Overcome Them

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When you first get dentures, the initial transition can be a bit of a struggle. You’ll have to learn how to eat, talk and function with teeth again. Unfortunately, there are some struggles that many new denture wearers can experience. Understanding the common problems that many denture wearers experience can help you be prepared to deal with them. Here are a few of the things you should watch for. Slurred Speech When you first get your dentures, you may notice that your speech is slightly slurred. This often happens until you get used...

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3 Ways An Enameloplasty Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Teeth

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Enameloplasty is a dental procedure where the exterior enamel layer of your tooth is shaved down to provide reshaping. There are a few different reasons your general or cosmetic dentistry professional might advise you to undergo an enameloplasty. But each reason involves correcting a cosmetic flaw that can help improve your appearance and confidence. Here are three of the ways that an enameloplasty can improve the appearance of your teeth. Smoothing Chipped Teeth A chipped tooth is unattractive but the jagged edges also risk damaging your...

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All About Dental Implants

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Replacing a damaged tooth is critical to maintaining a healthy mouth. A decomposing tooth can get cause painful infections as well as complications from those infections. If you want a replacement tooth that is as strong as a natural tooth, then you should ask your dentist for a dental implant. The Components of an Implant Some replacement teeth will attach to your surrounding teeth. This can put additional strain on these teeth and may cause tooth damage. A dental implant, in contrast, has a titanium root which anchors right to your jawbone....

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4 Reasons To Have A Dental Sealant Applied To Your Child’s Teeth

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Your child’s primary teeth can suffer enough damage from decay that extraction may be required. In fact, if a cavity becomes so severe that it invades the dentin of the tooth and affects the nerves, capping a tooth may not be an option. Thus, it is important to protect your child’s teeth. One popular protective application is the use of dental sealants. Here are a few reasons to have your dentist apply a sealant to your child’s teeth: Protection of Cavity-prone Areas When your child drinks or eats, plaque, which is a sticky...

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3 Ways That Sarcoidosis Affects Your Mouth

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Sarcoidosis is a type of autoimmune disease, meaning that it’s caused by your immune system attacking your own body. It makes abnormal masses form throughout your body, leading to inflammation. This can cause problems throughout your body, including inside your mouth. If you have sarcoidosis, here are three oral health problems you may need to worry about. Mouth ulcers Mouth ulcers are sores that develop on the tissues inside your mouth like the insides of your cheeks or your tongue. These ulcers are small and painful with swollen...

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The Most Common Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity is an oral condition caused by several factors. With tooth sensitivity, the enamel of the tooth thins, and gums may recede, exposing the layer surrounding the tooth. Tooth sensitivity can happen to anyone but is more common in adults between the ages of 20 to 40. Women are more likely to experience sensitive teeth than men. If you happen to have sensitive teeth in your mouth, it may be helpful to know what could be causing it. Brushing Teeth too Hard One of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity is brushing your teeth...

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2 Advantages To Getting A Same-Day Crown

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Crowns are a very common dental procedure that is often required when someone’s tooth is broken or if the tooth has degraded to the point where a filling will not be effective. Typical crowns are fairly inconvenient to get, but there is an alternative. Same-day crowns are a great choice because they are more convenient and result in less pain: Less Pain A traditional crown can result in discomfort for a few reasons, but one of the biggest sources of pain and discomfort is a result of having to wear a temporary crown. A temporary crown...

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