Preventative Dentistry Can Save More Than Just Your Teeth

Relining Your Dentures Will Make Them More Comfortable

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Your dentures are supposed to fit comfortably. When they are made, they are molded to your mouth so that they will fit comfortably. However, over the years, your mouth changes, even if you wear your dentures daily. Those changes can make your dentures fit differently, which causes them to be uncomfortable and wear sore spots in your mouth. If your dentures are still good, just uncomfortable, you can reline your dentures: What Is Relining? When dentures are relined the old surface is covered up with a new surface. The new surface will...

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Can You Get Dental Implants If Bruxism Is A Problem For You?

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If you suffer from bruxism and find that you need dental implants, you and your dentist will need to decide if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. Bruxism affects the top portion of the tooth. It can also cause troubles with the jawbones where the implants are installed. The extent of the condition will decide whether or not you can have implants. This article will tell you more.  Bruxism Defined While most people know what teeth grinding is, they are unaware that it has a scientific name, bruxism. This condition can develop...

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3 Ways To Keep The Blues Away

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If you often feel depressed, you should make some changes in your lifestyle to try to deal with it before you start taking medications. You can do things like treating sleep apnea, eating healthy, and finding a purpose in your life. Treat Sleep Apnea If your partner complains that you snore a lot, and you wake up feeling as if you did not get any sleep, you may have sleep apnea.  It is common for people to snore, but with sleep apnea, it is much worse. If you have this disorder, you literally stop breathing when you snore. This leads to...

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Improve Your Dental Health With These Easy Food Swaps

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Of course you know that sugary candy and soda are bad for your teeth, but do you really have to give up your favorite foods to prevent cavities? Not necessarily. An easier way to protect your dental health is to swap foods that are bad for your teeth and gums with those that aren’t as harmful. Here’s a look at five easy food swaps that will help keep your mouth healthier. Eat hard candy instead of sticky candy. Sticky candy actually sticks to your teeth, coating them in the sugars that oral bacteria love. Hard candy is not great...

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Toothache Source: How A Chocolate Treat May Help

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A toothache is like an alarm, and it is your responsibility to find out what set the alarm off. But this alarm can be very distracting and painful. But don’t worry because you can diminish the pain with a little chocolate. The right kind of chocolate should give you some relief until you can get to a dentist, such as Dr. Sajner & Associates.  What Could Be The Source of Your Pain The following are just some possible reasons why you may be experiencing pain: Tooth decay or cavities could be the source of your pain. Tooth decay...

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